Do you want to help a woman in a crisis pregnancy receive the spiritual, material, and emotional support she needs during pregnancy?

Do you want to be God’s special messenger of hope to a woman and her baby?

Get involved with the Gabriel Project !

Gabriel Project Angels and Volunteers provide physical, educational, and spiritual support, from communicating our mission to helping with transportation. Learn more about Gabriel Project below, and contact us at 888-300-5112 to find out how you can help.

The Gabriel Project is a Christian, pro-life network of area churches who see a fresh expression of God’s love for us in the birth of every baby. We are committed to offering hope and support to mothers and fathers who are choosing life, even though in crisis. We do this through the “Gabriel Angel” – a specially trained volunteer who serves as the hands and heart of the church and who takes a specific mom in crisis and mentors her in a loving and supportive way.

The woman who decides to abort her child usually does so because she feels she has no choice. We are here to offer a choice during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby, as long as help is needed. There are no strings attached.

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